1. Building Inspection Services

    General Engineering Company based in Portage, Wisconsin provides building inspection services for the City of Fox Lake.

  2. City Administrator

    The City Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and Common Council to manage the day-to-day operations of the City.

  3. City Attorney

    The City Attorney provides legal advise to the City of Fox Lake and represents the community in lawsuits and other litigious issues. He/she also acts as the prosecuting attorney in municipal court.

  4. City Clerk

    The City Clerk performs a variety of highly responsible organizational administrative financial and record maintenance.

  5. City Engineer

    MSA Professional Services provides engineering consulting services for the City of Fox Lake.

  6. City of Fox Lake Public Library

    Discover information about the City of Fox Lake Public Library.

  7. City Treasurer

    The City Treasurer provides a variety of highly responsible organizational, administrative and financial work.

  8. Fire / EMS

    Learn about the Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department of Fox Lake.

  9. Municipal Court

    The City of Fox Lake Municipal Court consists of 3 part time employees, the judge, the clerk of court, and the city attorney.

  10. Police Department

    The City of Fox Lake Wisconsin Police Department consists of 3 full-time police officers and 3 part-time officers: A Chief of Police, and 2 patrolmen who are dedicated to making Fox Lake a safe place to live and play.

  11. Public Works Department

    The Public Works Department performs maintenance and certain construction operations on various infrastructures, including street repair.

  12. Utilities Department

    The Fox Lake Utilities Department is recognized as a publicly owned utility that started with a few city blocks of water and sewer main and a small standpipe water tower.

  13. City Alderpersons

    There are six (6) Alderpersons elected to the Common Council, two (2) members from each Ward. One (1) Alderperson is elected from each ward in even-numbered years and one (1) Alderperson is elected from each ward in odd-numbered year. Each serves a two (2) year term of office.

  14. City Mayor

  15. City Ordinances