1. Adams Spring Park

    Adams Spring Park is located on Highway 33 on the south side of the city. The park is the site of a memorial to the jazz trumpeter Bunny Berigan.

  2. Clausen Park

    Clausen Park is located on the north side of the city and features Memorial Tower - a 60-foot concrete structure donated in 1955 by Leon Clausen.

  3. Fireman's Park

    Fireman's Park is a majestic area located next to the aquatic center.

  4. Homestead Meadows Park

    Homestead Meadows park provides playground equipment and open space for families in the Homestead Meadows subdivision.

  5. John Solis Memorial Park

    John 'Red' Solis Memorial Park is located on the west side of the City, on Forest Street, and boasts colorful playground equipment for children to enjoy.

  6. Riverside Park

    Riverside Park is just west of Clausen Park and features many amenities.

  7. Town Park

    Town Park is located on Blackhawk Trail, on the northwest corner of the lake.

  8. Veterans Memorial Park

    Veterans Memorial Park is a small park on the corner of College and State streets. It was constructed in 2002 to honor all veterans.