Municipal Court

About the Municipal Court

Welcome to the City of Fox Lake Municipal Court website. This is a multi-jurisdictional court serving the City of Fox Lake, Village of Brownsville, and Village of Lomira. 

Most people are concerned about appearing in court and are unfamiliar with the municipal court process so the we offer the following information to help you understand the typical rules and procedures. The City of Fox Lake Municipal Court has jurisdiction over citations involving traffic and non-traffic violations issued by any of the above-referenced police departments.

Ordinance Violation
An ordinance violation is classified as a civil offense, not a criminal offense. You have the right to be represented by an attorney but you may proceed without one. If you would like to be represented by an attorney, you must retain one at your own expense. The Court will not provide this service or cover any expenses related to this service. 
Our Responsibilities
The mission of the City of Fox Lake Municipal Court is to correctly and fairly resolve traffic and other municipal ordinance cases in accordance with the applicable laws. While our Municipal Court operates in a less formal setting than a Circuit Court, we preserve basic judicial formalities so that parties recognize that they are appearing in a court of law. 

Generally, no one likes to appear in any court, but it is our hope that parties leave our Municipal Court with the satisfaction that they have had their opportunity to be heard, even if they do not agree with the ultimate decision in the case.

Court office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 2:30 pm. Court is held the second Monday of every month at 3:30 pm and 4:00 for juveniles. Court is held in person.   The court is located at 248 E. State St.  Payments may be mailed to 248 E. State St. PO Box 105, Fox Lake, WI 53933, left in the 24-hour drop box located inside the City Hall lobby or paid online using the PAY FINE IWTH A CREDIT CARD link at the side of this page. 
  1. Tanya Witthun

    Clerk of Court
    Phone: 920-325-9092

  2. Richard Quirk

    Phone: 920-325-9092