City of Fox Lake COVID-19 Reopening Plan

MUNICIPAL COURT | 920-325-9092

The City of Fox Lake Municipal Court has set a tentative return date of Monday, July 13, 2020. There have been several temporary changes that have been made for the courtroom until we hear otherwise from the City of Fox Lake. With the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling against the Governor, several businesses have decided to relieve some restrictions, including masks and close contact with other people. Since the municipal courtroom is small, the following restrictions will be in effect

: • All persons entering the municipal court door will be asked to wear a face mask. If they do not have a mask, the court will supply them with a mask. 

 • The Court clerk shall wear a mask and gloves as well during court proceedings. The Court clerk handles money and paperwork submitted by the defendants.

• Chairs inside the courtroom will be placed at a safe distance. There shall also be chairs located in the hallway outside the courtroom where people can sit while waiting to appear in the courtroom. These chairs will be distanced as well. When a person finishes their case in the courtroom, the next person (#11), seated in the hallway, can enter the courtroom. This would continue until all the seats in the hallway are empty. If there are more people than chairs, they will have to wait outside the building. 

 • The podium shall be placed at a safe distance from the judge’s bench and the clerk’s desk. If the defendant must sign any forms, the clerk shall place the forms on a table where the defendant may then sign their name. If there is a forfeiture to be paid by the defendant, there shall be a place at the  table where the defendant shall place the funds. The clerk shall return any change to the same location.

 • At the end of each defendant’s hearing, they will be directed to leave the building. There shall be no loitering inside the building. • If there is to be a not-guilty plea where a pre-trial is scheduled for the defendant, the pretrial hearings shall be held via telephone or mail.